Rules of Behavior at the Neve Shaanan Campus – Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology

Entry procedures

Security inspection and identification – all persons entering the campus must identify themselves to the security personnel and undergo a security inspection process. A persons refusing to identify themselves or present their belongings for inspection will be denied entry

Entry with a vehicle/motorcycle – entry with a vehicle is allowed only to approved persons with a valid parking tag or a pre-arranged entry permit

Entry with firearms – entry with firearms will only be allowed for bearers of a valid permit after inspection and identification

Bicycles – entry with bicycles is permitted. Parking is allowed only in the locations intended for this

Behavior around the campus

Billboards – you may not post private or advertising bills such as selling a vehicle etc. Regarding bills on the student association's billboards – you should contact the association for approval

Advertisement – it is forbidden to distribute advertising material around the campus without prior approval

Smoking – It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the various buildings, Near the entrances to buildings and up to 10 meters from buildings. Smoking is allowed only in the open areas and in places designated for smoking

Peddling – it is strictly forbidden to peddle around the campus without prior approval

Clothing – you may not enter the campus bare-chested of bare-footed

You may not bring bicycles, skates, skate boards, scooters etc. into the buildings. You may not ride a bicycle or any of the vehicles on the lawns

Security behavior rules

Safeguarding personal belongings – you are requested to guard your personal belongings and never leave it unattended around the campus. You must lock your office's door when leaving it, even if you are leaving it for a few minutes

Emergencies – if you have been requested to leave the office/classroom due to a security/safety issue, you are requested to do so in a speedy fashion (no running) and exit in the quickest way to an open area/parking lot

You must follow the security personnel's instructions

Entry and driving with a vehicle

Entry is permitted only for the holders of a permanent or temporary permit issued by the Department of Security

You may view the rules for issuing permits to eligible persons, as well as the costs, at the Department of Security's web page on though the tag distribution office

A vehicular entry permit is personal and is not transferrable. You are strictly forbidden from transferring the permit from one person to another or from one vehicle to another

Parking – you may only park in the marked parking spaces and according to signage

Driving inside, the campus will only be done according to the road signs and markings and according to the security personnel's instructions

Driving and parking contrary to the instructions consist a disciplinary breach of the Technion's regulations, a person committing a breach will be reported and summoned to an academic disciplinary committee

Travel abroad

Employees travelling abroad as part of their job are required to report beforehand to the Department of Security in order to receive a security briefing

Reporting unusual events, objects, and persons

You are required to report to the Department of Security about any suspicious or unusual object or person (for this matter, an unattended object is considered a suspicious object)

In case of suspicion of burglary or theft of your belongings or work equipment, you are required to report immediately to the security center

Fire event – in case you have encountered a fire event around the campus you are requested to report to the security center and move away from the place

In case of a medical event or an injury you are required to report to the security center (even if Magen David Adom services have already been called)

Suspicious mail – in case you have received a mailed item for which you do not know of the sender's identity and you suspect its contents, you may not open the envelope and you must report to the security center immediately